What formats are accepted?

All image file types (JPEG, PNG, TIFF), PDF, or CAD files (DWG, DXF) that are imported as background plans can be recognized. Files should not be links but imports.

Why is scaling the plan necessary?

When importing the file, the image size does not always correspond to the actual size. Scaling allows obtaining elements that will be correctly sized.

Is cropping always necessary?

The cropping function can be used for CAD files to limit their size or to restrict detection to the representation of a single level.


A warning message indicates that the plan size is too large.

If the actual size of the plan exceeds 100 meters, a message is displayed to check if the plan scale is correct to avoid detection errors or inconsistent results.

A message warns me that my account is not valid.

Access to the detection function requires a valid Autodesk® account, as well as a subscription to the service after the free trial period.

An error message appears at add-in launch indicating a connection error.

Upon add-in startup, a check is performed to ensure that the server is accessible. If unable to connect, check that the Internet connection is working, wait a few minutes before retrying, and if the problem persists, contact WiseBIM support.

Error messages are displayed after detection.

Issues may arise during automatic reconstruction. If the model has not been generated, check the scale and try detection again only on the walls by deselecting other elements. If the problem persists, contact support and indicate the plan where detection is not working.

Recognition works less effectively with a DWG.

If the DWG contains many elements, try importing it while limiting layers to those representing the architecture. If the representation contains light-colored lines, import it in grayscale.

Elements do not appear after detection.

Ensure at launch that the element should indeed be detected and that there is a family for that category.

A message indicates that the version is incorrect.

Application updates are frequently performed to enhance features. To ensure compatibility and operational security, updating the application via the store is necessary.

What Revit® versions are compatible?

The application runs on Windows 10 and 11, for Revit 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024.

Walls from different levels are not properly aligned.

Detection operates on a single plane and does not consider other levels. Prior to detection, align images on different levels and ensure the scale is correct across all plans.

Doors, windows, or slabs cannot be detected.

If the project lacks default families to create these elements, detection is not applied for this category. Cancel, import a family, and then rerun detection.